Conditions of Use

The buyer is solely responsible for the use of the delivered goods. All consulting is a non-binding advice. We do not assume liability for damage to persons or property, caused by the use of our offered products.

General Terms and Conditions of the company Leder Strauch - Ms. Jana Strauch, Saarbrücker Allee 70, 66663 Merzig

The following terms of business can be downloaded onto the customer’s random access memory. It is possible to request them in written form via the email address In addition they will be sent to the customer with every delivery of goods.
§1 Conclusion of contract
The contract of sale comes into effect when the buyer clicks on the button "Bestellen" (order) and thereby offers the seller to make a contract, which the seller accepts by sending the buyer the goods.
§ 2 Instructions of revocation
The buyer can cancel the contract of sale within two weeks after the delivery of the goods. The date of the posting of the revocation (also via email) has to be within the deadline limit.
Corollary of the revocation
If the buyer cancels the contract of sale he or she is must return the received goods to the seller. The buyer has to pay the charges for the return. If the customer receives goods he or she did not order or if the goods are deficient, the seller will refund the charges for the return.
The right of revocation does not apply to contracts for custom products.
§ 3 Transfer of risk
If the buyer is a contractor, the risk of accidental disappearance or deterioration of the goods will be transferred to him as soon as he receives the goods or, in case of mail order as soon as the goods have been given to the shipper or another person or company trusted with the forwarding of the goods. If the buyer is a consumer, the risk of accidental disappearance or deterioration of the goods will be transferred to him as soon as he receives the goods, also in case of mail order. The goods will also be considered as delivered if the buyer is not present to take them.
§ 4 Prices
1. The listed prices at the time of order apply such as they are represented on the website. In case of wrong indication of prices or of falsification of website data by a third party the seller retains the right to make a rectified offer to the customer and refuse to deliver the goods for the wrong/falsified prices.
2. Prices apply from the company office Terginum including 19 % value added tax, but without the costs of packaging and shipping. Exceptional rule for delivery to non-EU countries: net prices without packaging and shipping will apply.
§ 5 Conclusion of contract
1. The offers on the website of the company Leder Strauch (Mr. Gerald Strauch) are subject to change. Thereby the company is not bound to deliver the product if the product is not available. A conclusion of contract and thereby an obligation to fulfil each task will however come into effect, if the company Terginum confirms the order of the customer. The confirmation of an order does not count as confirmation of delivery.
2. The seller is authorized to deliver a product which equals in price and quality, if the ordered product is not available and if the customer has agreed to this option on the order form or on demand of the seller.
§ 6 Contract management
As far as the ordered products are available the seller will dispatch them within 2 working days after reception of the payment. The seller retains the right to deliver the goods partially. In case of partial delivery the customer will not have to pay additional charges.
Shipping charges:
For shipping to foreign countries a blanket amount of currently 9,90 € (within EU), 15,90 € (EU-special areas and other countries) will be charged. The buyer also has to pay for taxes and customs duty.
§ 7 Payment conditions
1. The seller issues a bill for the ordered goods which will be added to the delivered goods. The seller delivers against prepayment and the buyer can pay the amount in advance via bank transfer or PayPal.
§ 8 Guarantee and liability
If the goods are damaged and the seller is responsible, then the seller can decide either for a rectification of deficiencies or a replacement delivery. If the rectification of deficiencies or a replacement delivery does not work out, the buyer can cancel the contract or demand abatement of costs. Goods which have not been ordered or which are deficient have to be returned to the seller immediately and the buyer has to explicitly name the goods and deficiencies. A copy of the bill has to be added. The costs of the return of not ordered or deficient goods will be refunded to the buyer (please only stamped returns). The seller is only liable in case of premeditation or gross negligence.
§ 9 Final provisions
If the buyer is a tradesman the following terms will apply: For the entire legal ties between buyer and seller the German law will apply excluding the UN-Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
1. The language of the contract is German.
2. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany will apply.
3. If certain General Terms and Conditions have not been part of the contract or have been ineffective, the contract as a whole will still be effective.

Insofar as the terms have not been an integral part of the contract or are ineffective, the content of the contract will conform to the statutory provisions.
The address of the company Terginum - Gerald Strauch can be found on the bill and in the imprint on the website.